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Exploresoft WPF Gauges

Supports .NET Framework 4.5.2+

Our graphically rich gauges provide an excellent way of demonstrating your data to the outside world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create the best fluid, lightweight and innovative components for desktop applications and mobile devices. Using advanced protocols like XAML integrated by Microsoft .NET, and Visual Studio 2017.

Exploresoft components are tested using continuious integration. Simple to use controls with built in dependency properties. Unique graphical wireframe designs created in Expression Design & Blend for Visual Studio.

Our library will work with frameworks 4.5.2 and above

Donut Gauge

Arc Gauge

Fuel Gauge

Rev Gauge

Speed Gauge

Retina Gauge

Bar Gauge

Circle Gauge

Eye Gauge

Circle Cog Gauge

Statistic Gauge

Progress Gauge

For Developers

If you require development support, we can help providing guidance and support where needed.

We take an agile approach to our development, and have experience in many different domains. We can also provide sample models based on MVVM if requested alongside dev support. Our Tier One are second to none!

Software Support

We offer telephone support, Skype conference calls, and email support.

Our rapid response gives our clients peace at mind that we are always available within an arms reach.

Bespoke Gauges

Exploresoft offers a unique service where you can tell us what controls you want, and we will make it. Bespoke controls tailored to your company’s needs from functionality and design all the way to the design principles / patterns.

Next gen WPF gauges

Create dashboard and mobile applications using our advanced WPF components, simple to use components designed with ease of use in mind. Our products bring the user experience into the 21st century, allows the developer to reach there goals seamlessly.

Exploresoft offers a range of support features, which includes development support. We can help you develop your applications in a RAD approach, and test using continuous integration. We have a knowledge base that spans thirty years of UI development, in many arenas from the MOD, to Formula One.

Responsive Gauges

Exploresoft gauges are the most advanced responsive vector based components in the world. We are a software company based in Saffron Walden, United Kingdom.

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